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Jump Courses

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Miles D's BASE Camp

Learn to pack a parachute, BASE jump and land like an expert. First jump courses are held in Twin Falls, Idaho. All courses require experience under canopy (skydiving or paragliding).



"First Jump" Courses


 July 6-10, 2019 (Twin Falls, ID)

 Aug 28- Sept 1, 2019 (Twin Falls, ID)


Advanced Jump Course

To be announced (Twin Falls, ID)

One of the best experiences of my life. If you want in this sport, and want to do it right, Miles is your guy.
— David Wright

First  Jump Course


Spend 5 days with Miles in Twin Falls, Idaho at the I.B. Perrine Bridge.  Learn to pack, jump and land safely at one of the most user friendly BASE jumping locations.  For requirements and pricing, please send an inquiry below.


"It's a dangerous sport and it is important to pick the right mentor, Miles taught us to have fun, be safe & respect the sport... plus he has awesome stories for weather holds, best camp ever."
Youssef El Majdoub

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Jump Course

From aerials to accuracy.  This course is tailored to advance each individuals performance level.  From beginners to expert, lets move you to the next step.

"Miles D's BASE camp is the most complete, advanced, and sick way to enter the great world of BASE jumping! You will build solid bases of the sport and also do advanced jumps with one of the best and most respected jumpers of the world."
- Philip André, Costa Rica


Big Wall European Adventure

Spend 5 days in Europe big wall BASE jumping guided by Miles.  Exact locations will be determined for each trip. For requirements and pricing, please send an inquiry below.


"This man trains like a boss.  Fantastic camp for BASE.  Recommend to all who dream of flight!"
Sean Morey


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For more information on MILES D's BASE Camp Courses, please submit the following information and we will be in touch.


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